Chicago Magician

Steve Belliveau is the best Chicago magician in the business. Performing in some of the highest venues in the mid west, he has had fortune companies, private clubs, and entire cities hire him for his feats. With his up close and personal style of magic, Steve Belliveau is sure to blow your mind with his illusions and sleight of hand.

It does not matter what sized audience you have. Belliveau has a routine that will fit all audiences. Ranging from large scale deft defying illusions all the way to personal one on one sleight of hand magic, Belliveau is a master of all forms of the art of magic. Tying his whole act together is his great audience communication. Belliveau makes his act both funny and amazing, he will be sure to make you laugh and leave you wondering “How the heck he do that?”.

If you were to ask Steve Belliveau what he was going to do in the future 20 years ago, he might not have said Chicago magician. Originally he earned his college degree in engineering, he was not yet on his path to becoming the famous magician he is today.

It was not until he watched a man make a presentation to kids on science. The performance was so boring, Belliveau thought he could do better then that… and did! From science magic to full blown magic, Belliveau has dedicated his life to learning every art that magic has to offer.

In 2013 alone, Steve Belliveau has performed in popular places like United Center for the Chicago Bulls and AllState Arena for the Chicago Sky. With an average of over 300 performances a year, he is the most veteran Chicago magician in the midwest. As a proven test of his talents, he has won several contests like one sponsored Nabisco for his magic.

If you are looking for the best Chicago magician look no further. Steve Belliveau provides one of the best acts that the Midwest has seen and thousands of people can attest to it. Performing from small venues all the way to large stadiums, Belliveau has the talent to make you laugh and wonder how the heck he pulled that off!

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